We know how to help your company.

As a chartered accountant with longtime practical experience, we provide high qualified audits, which meet national and international requirements. During the audit we also provide you with valuable advice for improvements.

The audit will be carried out by a partner with longtime practical experience in terms of the audit of middle-sized companies and groups. We will perform an efficient audit with professional competence.

In particular we offer the following range of services:

Statutory and voluntary audits of financial statements

  • Audit of financial statements and consolidated financial statements following national and international reporting standards
  • Audit of opening balances, interims balances and closing balance sheet according to statutory or other requirements i.e. acquisitions, increase of capital stock, new shareholder etc.

Other business audits

  • Audit of foundation and of downstream and upstream mergers
  • Audit regarding of the agent and property developer regulation
  • Audit of forecast and business plans as well as other business issues
  • Special audits of management procedures
  • Credit check, securities deposit audit
  • Audit of business plans
  • Audit of public sector (i.e. § 53 HGrG)
  • Audit of compliance systems
  • Audit of enterprises in critical situations
  • Audit of reclamation concepts

Business Consulting

As a consultant with many long years of practical experience we provide valuable advice to entrepreneurs and prepare important decisions including the implementation.

On the basis of our long, extensive, practical and scientific experience in the national and international fields we are able to comment on business issues as well as matters of dispute.

In particular we offer services with regard to

  • Founding of an enterprise
  • Acquisition of an enterprise
  • Compliance systems
  • National and international financial reporting
  • Valuation of an enterprise
  • Appraisals design of reporting systems
  • Design of control system
  • Professional training
  • Arbitration opinion

Audit of HGB/IFRS statements

We audit statutory and voluntary financial statements and consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance to German commercial law or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We perform the audit regarding international Standards on Auditing (IAS).Our audit is based on the risk-oriented approach and on IT-audit procedures and audit tools. A concurring review ensures the compliance with professional law.

Arbitration Opinion for Accounting and Audit Purposes

We prepare for you expertise in terms of accounting- and audit- related interpretation of contracts (purchase, sales, transfer contract).

Audit in accordance to §53 HGrG

The audit has to be extended by the audit of the compliance of the management in case of a municipal participation in a private entrepreneur. We have long and wide experience in the audit of entrepreneurs of the public sector.

Audits of Financial Statements

Prepared in Accordance with Special Purpose Frameworks and Audits of Single Financial Statements and Specific Elements, Accounts or Items of a Financial Statement

We audit special considerations prepared for different purposes for example financial statements prepared in accordance with tax accounting standards or accounting standards stipulated by contract regarding IDW PS 480.

Single financial statements in accordance with IDW 490 or items of financial statements, for example single financial statements of returns, expenses, profit-center, product results, statement of receipts and expenditures.

Preparation of Financial Statements with Plausibility Check

We prepare financial statement with plausibility check and with further evaluation in accordance with IDW S 7, preparation of financial statements.

Special audit

We perform audits of foundations and of downstream and upstream mergers, audits regarding the agent and property developer regulations, securities deposit audits, credit standing audits, Squeeze-out audits etc.

Internal Audit

In case of staffing shortage we provide you with qualified personal.

Compliance Systems

The legal requirements for entrepreneurial activity are constantly increasing. According to a study over 2,000 laws and announcements were published in Germany in 2013. Companies must ensure that they are informed about the new requirements and implement them appropriately and efficiently. The effectiveness of your compliance management system is tested according to IDW auditing standards 980 (IDW PS 980).

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