Tax Consulting - Assurance - International Tax Consulting

Hanna Miehahn, Master of Arts - Tax Advisor, Audit Manager


2011 -2014 Studies of economics at the university of Cologne

2014 Degree Bachelor of Science

2015 Studies in law of taxation at the Rheinische Fachhochschule of Cologne

2016 Degree Master of Arts

2017/2018 German tax consultant exam

2018 Appointment as German tax consultant


2014  3 month of internship at SBB Partner

2015  integrated degree program at SBB Partner

since 2016: tax consultant assistant at SBB Partner

since 2018 qualified tax consultant in an employment relationship as per §58 StBerG

  • preparation of annual financial statements, annual balance sheets, financial reports and tax balance sheets 
  • advise on national and international tax issues including reorganizations
  • preparation of tax returns on individuals and companies

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