Tax Consulting - Assurance - International Tax Consulting

Ms. Barbara Begert has many years of experience as expert adviser on international taxation. We serve professional expertise as follows:

International Tax Consulting for entrepreneurs

  • Tax liability by cross-border transaction
  • Branches abroad
  • Subsidiaries abroad
  • Transfer of assets
  • Temporary employment agency work
  • Secondment
  • Foreign employees in Germany
  • Refund of VAT
  • EU-Input VAT-refunding
  • Cross-border trade

International Tax Consultancy for individuals

  • Extent of tax liability of operations abroad
  • Exit abroad
  • Secondment
  • Returning back
  • Withholding tax
  • Inheritance tax abroad
  • Taxation of wealth abroad
  • Tax consideration of contribution and benefits to AHV and pensions fund
  • Report to the tax authorities of false or incomplete tax returns
  • Taxation foreign pensions 

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